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Garden Quartz Pendant, Lodolite

Garden Quartz Pendant, Lodolite

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This is a handmade Garden Quartz pendant crafted with a natural Garden Quartz stone and set in .925 sterling silver. This beautiful stone hails from Brazil. Heavily included Quartz is also known as Lodolite, Occluded Quartz or Garden Quartz when there appears to be organic matter encapsulated within the crystal. It usually contains Chlorite. There may also be feldspar along with a range of other minerals that come together to form a beautiful scene inside Quartz.  Working in harmony, Lodolite is thought to be a bridge to the ethereal and eternal, each containing a special essence of the cosmos. No two are alike! Chlorite is a heart chakra stone connecting us to nature spirits and the healing energies of the Earth. 

This pendant can be purchased alone or with a 20in sterling silver chain. 

.925 Sterling Silver
Ships within 3 business days
Chains are .925 Sterling Silver, Englongated Rolo style with Lobster Clasp.


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