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Geometric Black Tourmaline Sphere

Black Tourmaline

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This is a unique, geometric Black Tourmaline sphere that has been hand carved from natural BlackTourmaline. The special cut of this sphere gives it almost a 'disco ball' effect. Whereas Black Tourmaline is usually plain black, this cut gives off more light and is just awesome to hold. You will receive the exact Sphere shown

Black Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal for protection and has been used throughout history for protection: Ancient peoples saw Black Tourmaline as a shield against negative spirits and destructive forces. Today, Black Tourmaline reminds us to let go of our own negative thoughts and work to correct self-destructive patterns of behavior. A stone for turning around one's attitude and attracting positive energy into our lives. Black Tourmaline is a crystal that is used in Chakra healing and is particularly good for the Base Chakra.

You will receive the exact Sphere shown
Size: 2.3in diameter
Weight: 11oz
Ships within 2 business days
Includes my Black Tourmaline meaning card


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