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Golden Healer Merkaba

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This listing is for one Golden Healer Quartz Merkaba - two sizes available. The Merkaba is a shape, a three dimensional 8 pointed star. It consists of two triangular pyramids, one pointing upward and the other down. “Mer” Light. “Ka” Spirit. “Ba” Body. Mer-Ka-Ba represents the spirit & body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light. It is seen as a shape that embodies the creation of the universe and the ‘eternal source’ that still lingers with us today. As a shape of creation, the Merkaba reminds us that all things are possible and that we are never truly bound by the restrictions we perceive. It is the Earth, but also the heavens and realms beyond. The Merkaba helps us in any journey, whether it be of self-discovery or attempting to connect with higher realms.

Larger Size: 2.5in x 1.75in
Smaller Size: 2.25in x 1.5in
Ships within 2 business days

Golden Quartz, sometimes called Golden Healer Quartz, is a popular stone for distance healing and connecting energetically with those who are not physically with us. It facilitates the flow of energy through the body and opens the crown chakra to the universal spirit or 'lifeforce'. The golden color is caused by Hematite (iron) inclusions, making it a type of Hematoid Quartz. The sunny color is unusual and perfect for those looking for something a little warmer and more complex than a clear Quartz.
Golden Healer Quartz emanates profoundly powerful currents for the healing of the body and the expansion of consciousness.

Connects us to the Golden Ray, the golden light of the Universal Life Force, Divine Spirit and Source of Creation. Considered a Master Healer, Golden Healer Quartz both draws energy from the Earth and allows the Golden Ray to enter the body through the crown chakra. Its high vibrational energy clears blockages and imbalances through all chakras.

Golden Healer raises our vibration facilitating the flow of spiritual energy between people and connecting people over a long distance, including between planes. Ideal for those looking to practice distance healing or connecting with people across planes.


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