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Graphite Quartz Tower


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This is a lovely Graphite included Quartz tower with beautiful contrast. Fully polished, this tower feels wonderful to hold and looks beautiful on display. The Graphite in this tower appears as wisps of charcoal gray. Graphite is a polymorph of Carbon. It is an excellent conductor and thought to help with the transfer of energy between persons making it a wonderful crystal for healers. When Graphite is present in Quartz, the crystal is thought to help with the transfer and amplification of energy between crystals and the user. Whereas diamonds are the hardest polymorph of Carbon, Graphite is the softest. Its energy is calming and restores emotional balance. Graphite is also a stone of intellect and creative expression. Thought to enhance quantitative and qualitative thinking, it is an excellent stone for students, teachers, and artists.

You will receive the exact Graphite Quartz tower shown
Size: x 1.75in x 1.25in
Weight: 3.5oz
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