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Gray Seed of Life Small Crystal Grid on Canvas | 8in

Crystal Grid

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This is a small, light blue-gray crystal grid produced on heavyweight canvas that is perfect for travel or creating a unique, crystal healing gift set. This grid features a stylized Seed of Life with 3 rings and white light emanating outwards from the center.

The Seed of Life represents creation and the rhythm of the universe that is the undercurrent of all things. It symbolizes the blossoming of life and the eternal cycle of rebirth.

About this Grid

  • Shape: I chose to stylize this shape to make it more usable for crystal grid work. I find the large circles and simple shapes more easy to work with and more accommodating of larger crystals than cluttered designs. This shape flows naturally and even the lines are brush stroked to give them a less strict form. Crystal grids are like recipes, there's always room to be creative and adjust to your personal preferences.
  • Size: 8in X 8in
  • Color: Mist Gray (A pale slate gray)
  • Material: Heavyweight Canvas, Archival Ink
  • Care: Simply unroll and lay flat on a clean surface. It way flattens itself naturally within about 15 minutes usually. Maybe a little longer if you have had it rolled up for a long time. Spot Clean. To prevent creasing, do not fold, just roll it up with the flower on the inside and blank canvas outside as shown in the pictures.
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How to use this Grid (Discovery Style!)

This is my suggested method, but of course, you can use this grid in many ways. 

Crystal grids are a way to turn your intentions and goals into something you can see and touch. They're also beautiful! Start by bringing to mind your intention. If you're not familiar with intentions, just think of this as a theme that means something to you or something you'd like to work towards. For this method, it can also be a question or something you have a hard time putting into words. Then choose crystals. 

You can choose what you find to be visually appealing on the grid, or choose crystals based on their properties and how they apply to your intention. Place them in any order, on where the circles or lines intersect - you do not have to fill the grid completely, but generally, there should be symmetry. You'll know when it's complete. 

Using a Clear Quartz point or wand, you draw out the grid. I like to start in the center and follow the path of each circle (as if drawing a flower), briefly pausing on each crystal along the way. Then the rings: start with the outside ring moving inward, encircling the entire grid - you can all of the energy being brought back to a single point, here is where we can again think of our intention. If all of these small efforts and individual crystals could come together to mean one thing, here is the time to imagine that meaning. 

Finally, release that discovered meaning by working backward to the outside ring, imagining all of that energy flowing outwards. 

That's it! You can put away your crystals, or leave them out as a visual reminder. 


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