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Green Apophyllite Crystal Cluster with Stilbite

Rocks & Fossils

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This is a gorgeous Green Apophyllite crystal with excellent color and large, well-formed crystals. The color and clarity of this piece are excellent and it has a lovely minty green hue. Even the white Stilbite is exceptional and has great sparkle. Green Apophyllite is a stone of optimism, renewal and child-like joy in nature. Read More About Green Apophyllite below and on my website here:

You will receive the exact crystal shown.
Size: 3.6in x 3.25in x 1.75in
Weight: 10oz
Origin: India
Ships within 2 business days

More About Green Apophyllite

Green Apophyllite has a sweet energy that inspires lightheartedness and deepens our enjoyment of nature’s beauty. It connects us to the energetic undercurrent of the natural world that is humming with life and growth. A wonderful crystal for gardeners and animal lovers, it is thought to aid communication with the spirit of nature.

Green Apophyllite can come in many shades, ranging from just a hint of aqua to deep forest green. Like all green stones, Apophyllite is a stone of growth, rebirth, recovery, youth, and vitality. Green Apophyllite is wonderful to ‘rest’ the eyes on. Letting our gaze linger on a green stone brings a sense of peace. Apophyllite’s Earthy energy refreshes indoor spaces and can be a wonderful stone for the office. Green Apophyllite is a friend of the Heart Chakra, which is happiest when outdoors.


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