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Green Fluorite Crystal


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This is a gorgeous green Fluorite crystal with exceptional clarity and a cubic formation. Shaped like a little piece of pie. A wonderful addition to any collection, Fluorite offers energetic and psychic protection and has wonderful, refreshing energy. 

Size: 3.5in x 2in x .75in
Weight: 6oz
Includes my Fluorite Meaning Card
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Fluorite is highly protective, especially on a psychic level, It shields and offers EMF protection, helping absorb and dispel negative energy. it cleanses and harmonizes the Aura, offering an energetic reset. Fluorite also helps us clear our minds. It is often used to help with disorganization in the physical and mental sense. A wonderful stone for students and life-long learners, Fluorite clears the mind and helps us organize our thoughts increasing productivity.

As a stone of cleansing and focus, Fluorite also helps us to be more emotionally balanced. Fluorite can help stabilize the mood and reminds us of the importance of objectivity. It helps us make logical and rational decisions, even when emotions are running high.

Fluorite is thought to speed us the learning process and has been credited with increased dexterity, agility and capacity for retaining information.


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