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Hematoid Phantom Quartz Cluster


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A new, rare find - This is an incredible phantom quartz cluster hailing from Telangana, India. Each quartz point contains a defined phantom with a unique mauve coloration caused by Hematite and a hint of Lithium. This specimen tiny mini points and stands nicely for display. Wonderful quality and so much detail to explore within. You will receive the exact phantom quartz shown.

Origin: India
Size: 2.1in x 1.8in x 2in
Weight: 3.3oz
Ships within 2 business days

Hematite is a grounding stone for vitality and the transformation of negative energy into positive or productive energy. Quartz is a ‘master healer’ stone and considered the most programmable. Quartz is a stone of mental clarity, increasing energy and cleansing. The combination of Hematite and Quartz is one of supreme balance and purposeful action. A powerful combination for productivity, neutralizing stress, finding direction, and igniting new passions.

Lithium is a powerful calming mineral used for centuries as an anti-anxiety and anti-depression stone.


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