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Honey Calcite Sphere, 3.2in

Rocks & Fossils

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Large Calcite Sphere: This is a gorgeous, high-quality Honey Calcite sphere with wonderful clarity and complexity. You will receive the exact sphere shown.

A special, high-quality sphere for any crystal lover. Honey Calcite helps us utilize our willpower and strengthen our determination. It is powerfully cleansing and helps enable the flow of energy between the higher chakras and the solar plexus and sacral chakras. Honey Calcite clears the mind of negativity and emboldens the third eye. It is a stone of courage, eloquence and grace under pressure. Known as a stone of insight, intellectual power and confidence.

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Size: 3.2in
Weight: 1lb 11oz
Ships within 2 business days
Stone Origin: Mexico

"Honey Calcite assists in bringing about that unique combination of mental clarity focused energy and groundedness necessary to successfully complete complex tasks or long-term projects. It activates the root chakra, solar plexus and third eye, harmonizing and unifying their energies. It stimulates the intellect, making it possible for one to analyze challenges and see the most efficient solutions. It is one of the best stones for all types of work situations requiring full attention and persistence over the long haul. It can help overcome drowsiness..Honey Calcite combines well with Moldavite, which can guide one to the work that suits one's higher purpose... Honey Calcite combines the energies of Fire and Wind, stimulating the will and the mind. It helps one understand how to put Divine inspiration and guidance into action. It helps clean the mind and prepare it to receive new learning and higher knowledge. It can be an effective aid for studying and developing new skills. honey Calcite stimulates one to take new directions in life. It has the ability to teach old dogs new tricks. It gives one the determination and faith to break out of old patterns..Honey Calcite can be used to remove blockages preventing one from perceiving one's full abundance. It helps one open to the infinite well of abundance that is the Divine creation... " From the Book of Stones Revised Edition by Robert Simmons


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