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Hubeite Crystal Specimen with Calcite


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This is a beautiful Hubeite specimen with Calcite and what appears to be some Quartz sparkling in there too. Large crystals of Hubeite are quite rare. As a relative newcomer to the mineral world, Hubeite makes a wonderful addition to even the most extensive mineral collection. 

Hubeite is a rare mineral, discovered in 2000 and IMA approved in 2002, Hubeite is named after the 

Hubei Province in China. Hubeite's structure is quite rare, only one other mineral, Ruzite, is in the Si4O13 group. 

Hubeite Chemical Composition: Ca2Mn2+Fe3+[HSi4O13] · 2H2O


  • Approximate Dimensions: 2.8in X 1.8inX 1.6in
  • Weight: 3.19oz
  • Origin: Daye, Hubei, China


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