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Huebernite with Cookeite in Quartz


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This is a unique combination of Huebernite and Cookeite in Quartz. Lovely color contrast between the dark metallic Huebaernite and pastel green Cookeite. Huebnerite also spelled Hubnerite, is a rare member of the Wolframite series and the primary ore of Tungsten. Both a collectible mineral and healing stone, Huebernite is considered a powerful stone for channeling earth energy and assisting with difficult spiritual journeys & the process of self-discovery. Cookeite is an uncommon member of the Chlorite mineral group with a high litium content and calming properties.

You will receive the exact Huebernite shown
Origin: Peru
Size: 3in x 2.5in x 1in
Weight: 6oz
Ships within 2 business days

Metaphysically, Huebnerite provides stability and support while enhancing adaptability. It helps us feel safe, secure, and trust in the physical world. It is an excellent stone for those seeking insights by coordinating our actions and thoughts. Thought to aid in memory and concentration, Huebnerite crystals help us gain information that can provide us with solutions and resolutions or our questions and problems. It can be used when doing Reiki or Yoga for mental stillness, or during soul-searching meditation - to help clarify our life's direction.

Cookeite Properties
Metaphysically, Cookeite is best known for its calming effect. Its Lithium content makes it anxiety-reducing and gives it tranquil energy similar to Lepidolite. Smaller pieces are excellent in grids or layouts and larger stones are useful for creating a peaceful environment in a communal space such as a dining room. Since Cookeite is also a stone of cooperation, it is excellent for businesses, classrooms, conference areas, therapist offices and any shared workspaces where communication and synergy are important.


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