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Ibis Jasper Flame, 7in, Grey Brecciated Jasper

Rocks & Fossils

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A new material for us, this is a fascinating 'Ibis Jasper' flame - a large, spirling grey Brecciated Jasper display piece. Thought to awaken the Third Eye and be an excellent mediation piece, this could be a great altarpiece or focal point. Also just a wonderful piece for artwork.

Ibis Jasper is the trade name for a particular deposit of grey Brecciated jasper from Madagascar.
Ibis Jasper is the Madagascar version of Jasper named after a waterfowl crane-like bird from Egypt. The markings on the Ibis Jasper resemble the feathers of this bird. The Ibis bird is associated with the Egyptian deity Thoth, the god of wisdom, scribes, magic, and record keeping. Symbolically, it allows one to access ancient knowledge, Akashic Records, and allows us to communicate messages from Spirit, or to enhance intuition. Ibis Jasper goes through an intense process of being broken apart, and then mends itself by using other materials from the Mineral Kingdom.

You will receive the exact flame shown.
Size: 7in x 3in x 2.6in
Weight: 2lb 6oz
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