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Indigo Fluorite from Fujian, Tanzanite Fluorite, Dodecahedral

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This is a striking and unusual Blue Fluorite specimen hailing from Fujian, China. This deposit was nicknamed Tanzanite Fluorite for its exceptional Indigo color. This specimen has both Octahedral and Dodecahderal Fluorite Crystals and a dark, sparkly matrix. You will receive the exact Fluorite shown. The shape of this one reminds me of a crown!

Size: 5in x 4in x 2in
Weight: 1lb 2oz
Ships within 3 business days

Blue is one of Fluorite's more unusual and beautiful colors. Fluorite is a stone of mental clarity, focus, protection and energy clearing. Blue and Indigo Fluorite connect us to the spiritual realm while clearing away any unwanted energies. It clears the Aura and is best for the third eye and throat chakras. A stone that enhances creativity, imagination and helps with focus and memory. Useful for energy healing and connection to spirit guides.

In general, Fluorite is highly protective, especially on a psychic level, It shields and offers EMF protection, helping absorb and dispel negative energy. it cleanses and harmonizes the Aura, offering an energetic reset. Fluorite also helps us clear our minds. It is often used to help with disorganization in the physical and mental sense. A wonderful stone for students and life-long learners, Fluorite clears the mind and helps us organize our thoughts increasing productivity.


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