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Indigo Fluorite on Sphalerite from Elmwood Mine, Tennessee

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A wonderful find for the mineral collector and crystal lover! This is a beautiful indigo/blue Fluorite specimen from Elmwood Mine in Tennesee. You will receive the exact specimen shown. The Elmwood mine in Smith County Tennesee is known for producing aesthetic, collectible Fluorite specimens. This is a Cubic Fluorite with etching and great transparency when lighted. It is on matrix of gemmy Sphalerite.

Approximate Size: 2in x 1.75in x 1in
Ships within 2 business days
Includes a specimen card & meaning card

Metaphysical Info: Blue is one of Fluorite's more unusual and beautiful colors. Fluorite is a stone of mental clarity, focus, protection and energy clearing. Blue and Indigo Fluorite connect us to the spiritual realm while clearing away any unwanted energies. It clears the Aura and is best for the third eye and throat chakras. A stone that enhances creativity, and imagination and helps with focus and memory. Useful for energy healing and connection to spirit guides.


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