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Iolite Stone | Natural, Dark Blue Tumbled Iolite


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These are natural Iolite tumbled stones measuring about 1 inch.  Iolite is a beautiful, deep blue stone that resonates with the transcendent energy of twilight. Iolite is also known as Water Sapphire for its dark blue, indigo color. It is also called the Vikings Stone or Vikings Compass because it was used by Vikings for Navigation. Very thin slices of Iolite were used to determine the exact location of the sun, making Iolite the world’s first polarizing filter.

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Iolite has been a cherished healing stone and highly sought gemstone for centuries. Iolite is actually a high-grade form of Cordierite, an important mineral used in the production of ceramics and also in catalytic converters in cars. Iolite is distinguished from Cordierite by its rich, solid blue color which should be dark and opaque.

A good stone for Aries & Pisces. This stone is thought to enhance creativity and expands the mind. It's a great stone for inutivies or empaths. popular among those who are trying to enhance their psychic abilities or expand their consciousness. 

Iolite is a Water energy stone. The color of a deep river, Iolite channels Water Energy. Flowing, calm but powerful, this energy is relaxing but also empowering. Water symbolized the cycle of life and eternal life. 


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