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Kunzite Pendant, Sterling Silver

Kunzite Pendant, Sterling Silver

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This is a gorgeous gemmy Kunzite pendant made with a lavender-pink Kunzite crystal. A special piece, the Kunzite is super gemmy with vibrant color. Set in .925 Sterling Silver. You will receive the exact pendant shown and a meaning card. Please leave a note at checkout if you would like a gift box.


Approx. Stone Size: 25mm X 25mm
Chain Length: 20"
Chain Style: Diamond Cut Wheat
Ships within 3 business Days
Includes a meaning card
Please let me know if you would like a gift box in the notes at checkout. 

Kunzite is highly desirable for aesthetic, collectible and metaphysical purposes. A stone of connecting to the divine feminine, Kunzite is empowering and nurturing. Kunzite also helps with major life events, transitions and connecting to the divine realm. Kunzite stimulates the awakening of one's higher consciousness and spiritual awareness. It is considered to facilitate a deeper connection with the divine and an enhanced understanding of universal truths. Kunzite encourages the release of negative energies and the embrace of positive vibrations. It shields against psychic attack and negative influences, creating a protective aura. A stone of the heart chakra, Kunzite deepens connections to others and attracts positivity. Also, a wonderful stone for new mothers as it helps with bonding, self-love, and easing transitions. 

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