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Large Black Tourmaline Bracelet | Raw, High-Quality Stone Stretch Bracelet - Men's


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Men's Raw Black Tourmaline Bracelet | These are large, raw Black Tourmaline stone bracelets made with natural, high-grade Black Tourmaline - the stones are large, solid and lustrous. The bracelets are stretchy and surprisingly comfortable. Each comes in a gift box and includes a Black Tourmaline meaning card. 


Each bracelet is unique, but they all use the same high-quality stones that were carefully selected and arranged. The size is roughly 8.5" in length. Because these are natural stones, not machined, there is some variation. These are made for larger wrists.

  • You will receive one Black Tourmaline Bracelet as shown in the pictures.
  • Size: 8.5" (approximate) - stretches to fit most sizes.
  • Made with higher grade Black Tourmaline stones - solid, no flakes
  • Stones are all-natural, no polish
  • Comes in a gift box
  • Includes my Black Tourmaline Meaning Card

About Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is thought to be an excellent stone for absorbing electromagnetic radiation from the environment. This property of absorption carries into the metaphysical; Black Tourmaline is thought to absorb negative energy and act as a sort of energy 'filter'.

Metaphysical | Black Tourmaline is considered the ultimate stone of protection and soothes panic attacks, especially those caused by confined spaces or social settings. It transforms the power of negative thoughts into productive energy and a sense of strength. Commonly used in physical and spiritual healing, Black Tourmaline has a powerful connection to Earth’s energy; it creates a channel through which this energy can connect to the human spirit.

Black Color Energy
The color of the vast universe as we see it in the night sky. Black is a color that we are both drawn to and are wary of. We can feel safe, protected by darkness, or hesitant because of what may be concealed there. And so Black is the color of mystery and discovery. It inspires confidence and fearless exploration of life’s questions. Primarily, Black energy is thought to help us accept our Earthly existence as temporal and to feel safe and grounded.

Water Energy
Typically black and blue crystals resonate with Water Energy. Water Energy is best for rooms used for meditation, prayer for sleep.

Black Tourmaline Meaning


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