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Large Desert Rose Crystal


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This is a phenomenal, extra-large Desert Rose crystal formation with enormous 'petals' or aggregate plates. An incredible, everlasting flower, this Desert Rose specimen has two distinct roses that fan outwards - a wonderful display of Nature's artwork. A Selenite Desert Rose is created when sand combines with gypsum (Selenite) and causes a rosette-shaped growth pattern. These are often found in arid regions and also go by 'Desert Rose'.

Selenite Roses are talismans and guardians. Each one is thought to contain its own unique protective energy or spirit. The Desert Rose is thought to act as both a protector and a muse. Creativity is at the heart of each Selenite Rose and it is this ingenuity of spirit that allows us to shake off restrictions we may feel to be ourselves or pursue our passions. The Selenite Rose has also become a tool for psychics and intuitive who appreciate their protective energy and cleansing of the third eye.

You will receive the exact Desert Rose Shown
Size: 7.5in X 6.5in X 4.25in
Weight: 4.6lb
Origin: North Africa
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