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Large Rutilated Quartz, Gem Cut, 'Angel Hair'

Rutilated Quartz

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This is a large Rutilated Quartz crystal filled with fine, golden Rutile crystals. Beautifully cut into a geometric, gem shape that can stand for display. An excellent quality specimen for any collection.

You will receive the exact Rutilated Quartz crystal shown
Size: 5.25in x 3in x 2.75in
Weight: 1lb 10oz
Origin: Brazil
Ships within 2 business days

Rutile is an ore of Titanium Oxide. You might be familiar with Titanium Oxide pigments in the form of bright white paint. Rutile can vary greatly in color, from brilliant gold to coppery red to jet black. When higher amounts of Iron Oxide are present, the color will be more golden and is often sought as use for gemstones or decorative pieces. Rutile's unique beauty is unmatched, as it forms in unique sprays that seem to float, suspended within another crystal or stone.

There are many articles referring to Rutile's ability to act as an 'antenna' picking up the frequencies of the universe. I like to think of Rutile more like the flash of a camera, capturing a moment or eternalizing an intention. While Rutile's classic shape is a star or fan, rarely do we see Rutile perfectly fanned out in one direction. It weaves and intersects and splinters, which is what is so captivating about the sight of Rutile. Its organized chaos mirrors our perception of the world - in many little pieces that come together to form a bigger picture. But Rutile is frozen in time, allowing us to look into a moment from every angle and discover new paths or possibilities we never would have considered. It sparks a sense of wonderment and makes the everyday moments seem a little more enchanted. Its warm light is comforting in a way; Rutile is often used as a soothing stone before bedtime or to restore a sense of serenity upon returning home after a long day. While incredibly energetic and active, it is also still and elegant


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