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Large Selenite Sphere, 3-4lb


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This listing is for one, gorgeous, extra large Selenite sphere made from a single, pure White Selenite Crystal. Each Selenite sphere has its own character, but they all have enchanting chatoyancy and a translucent center - when viewed from the top and bottom, a little window appears like clouds parting in the sky and you can see straight through. Selenite is a premier cleansing crystal that absorbs and neutralizes negative energy. Resonating with the crown chakra, it is also wonderful for meditation and overcoming worldly concerns.

There will be lines and fractures within the Selenite sphere. This does not mean the sphere is cracked or broken - that's just how Selenite forms. Selenite is a fragile crystal so please handle with care.

You will receive one large Selenite sphere like shown
Origin: Morocco
Approximate Diameter: 3.5-4in
Weight: 3-4lb
Includes my Selenite meaning card
Ships within 2 business days


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