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Lemurian Quartz Point, Unpolished

Lemurian Quartz Point, Unpolished

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This is a large, high-quality Lemurian Quartz point that is unpolished. It also has a nice phantom towards the top. Great tapered wand shape. Hails from Brazil. A very nice Lemurian that is all-natural. You will receive the exact Lemurian
Quartz Point shown.

Origin: General Mine, Brazil
Size: 7.75in x 1.5in x 1.4i
Weight: 280 grams
Ships within 2 business days

"Lemurian" Quartz is an example of the "Tessin Habit" of Quartz in which a Quartz point grows in a particular tapered shape. Considered unusual and collectible.

Metaphysical: Lemurian Quartz is a type of quartz crystal that is believed to be associated with the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which is said to have existed in a distant past. This crystal is sometimes referred to as Lemurian Seed Crystal or Lemurian Star Seed Crystal. Lemurian Quartz crystals typically have long, slender, and tapered shapes with horizontal striations or grooves running along their sides. These grooves are said to be the result of growth interference patterns and are believed to contain encoded information from the lost Lemurian civilization. Lemurian Quartz is highly regarded in the realm of metaphysical and energy healing. They have a powerful spiritual energy and are associated with spiritual growth, awakening, and connection to higher consciousness. They are often used for meditation and energy healing work.
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