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Libra Zodiac Stone Set

Zodiac Stone Set

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Zodiac Stone Set for Libra - A wonderful gift for a Libra birthday. Includes the best crystals and stones for Libra. This Zodiac stone set includes a detailed meaning card with a description for each crystal and information about the Libra Zodiac sign by a professional astrologer. Comes in simple wooden box. The Libra Zodiac Stone Set includes: Raw Rose Quartz, Raw Clear Quartz, Aquamarine and Labradorite

Our Zodiac Stone Sets are intended to support the qualities of each Zodiac Sun Sign. Rather than trying to change ‘flaws’ of the sign. We do a mix of crystals/stones that enhance the qualities present in each sign, with supporting stones to balance energies.

Our Zodiac Stone Sets were put together with help from professional astrologer Amy Weeks. She has years of study in Vedic Astrology and does amazing chart readings.

** We have recently updated the style of our Astrology cards to better fit the gift ** They now come in a set of 2 smaller cards. We will be updating our photos soon, it is the same design, just on 2 smaller cards.

The Libra Meaning Card reads:

Libra Constellation: The Scales.
Libra comes from the Latin for scales. The association with scales began with the ancient Babylonians, the scales representing a balance between the seasons. Libra contains the planetary system Gliese 581, which has several planets. Scientists think some of these planets may even be able to sustain life. 

Libra Astrological Sign
Libra is the ruler of the 7th house of the zodiac. The 7th house is directly across from the 1st house, the Self. This opposition means a Libra is more interested in relationships than the self. Libra represents the marketplace, relationships, partnerships, marriage or businesses. Romance, art, and beauty become a focal point for Libra: A Venusian sign mixed with the element of Air can create a flightiness in their creativity, romances, and interactions with others. Commonly, we see Libra enjoying the fluctuations of life, weighing different options. Libras are constantly changing, moving, and deeply connected to artful and interpersonal relationships. They love truly, putting the other first.

The Crystals for Libra Card reads:

Rose Quartz: The stone of unconditional love, romance & beauty. This stone is perfect for the loving Libra who appreciates the beauty of the world. 

Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz energizes and cleanses. Libra can get “weighed down” and beautiful Clear Quartz brings clarity and a fresh perspective. It also removes negative energies and makes the world bright again. 

Labradorite: In ancient times, Labradorite was thought to be the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis that fell to earth. It holds the knowledge of the universe - Its dark color with flashes of light is like looking into the night sky. It allows for thoughtful, but fast decision making and for new knowledge to be discovered. 

Aquamarine: This stone embodies the sea, but reflects the sky (Libra’s Air element). It is thought to act as an endless mirror, like the sea and sky forever reflecting each other. This back and forth motion is second nature to a Libra, and it is within this gentle rocking, deep contemplation and discovery can occur. 

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