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Libyan Desert Glass, 11.8g

Rocks & Fossils

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You will receive the exact Libyan Desert Glass tektite shown. Lovely pale yellow color, nice translucency, and a clean specimen. This is a larger, flat piece. Found in areas in the eastern Sahara, in the deserts of eastern Libya and western Egypt. The glass is nearly pure silica, requiring temperatures above 1,600 °C to form hotter than any igneous rock on Earth. Libyan Desert Glass has been dated to about 29 million years ago.

Libyan Desert Glass is a transformational stone that offers up powerful enhancing energies that directly resonate with one’s solar plexus, sacral, and third eye chakra. As one begins their own personal journey with this strange desert glass, exceptional qualities of oneself will rise from within and begin to shine. 

Size: 37mm x 32mm x 9mm
Weight: 11.8g
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