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Lithium Quartz Point | Raw, 1.5in

Lithium Quartz

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Large, raw Lithium Quartz Points with subtle lavender & blush pink color. Each crystal is about 1.5in in length and is about 1in wide. The color is most intense at the point and fades to white. A more demure look to these than your usual Lithium Quartz, very lovely specimens with a gentle presence. 

You will receive 1 Lithium Quartz Point like the ones shown in the pictures. 

The Lithium Quartz forms naturally when there is a higher presence of certain minerals during formation. In this case, Lepidolite is mingled with Quartz, which creates a soft ombre color effect. Lepidolite is about 5% Lithium, hence the name Lithium Quartz.

 In modern medicine, certain psychiatric illnesses are treated with Lithium. Interestingly, the use of Lepidolite for psychiatric purposes dates back 1,800 years to the Greek physician Galen. He also treated those suffering from 'mania' by having them bathe in springs and drink water that was rich in the mineral Lepidolite, and therefore Lithium. It wasn't until the early 1900s that we rediscovered the usefulness of the Lithium found in Lepidolite. 

Lepidolite's practical application matches it's metaphysical attributes; Lepidolite is thought to have a calming, mood-stabilizing effect. It brings comfort, acceptance and can quell unnecessary worries. A wonderful stone to work into a bedtime routine or keep with you during stressful situations.  



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