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lvaite Specimen, 5CM Rare Black Mineral


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A lovely black Ilvaite mineral specimen with a calcite bar in the center. This is a small, high-quality  Ilvaite measuring 5CM tall. You will receive the exact specimen shown. Any Ilvaitei is a wonderful piece for mineral collectors, or those seeking rare or unusual crystals for healing and metaphysical work. 

Specimen ILV-0004
Approximate Dimensions: 5CM Tall X 1.5CM Wide at the bade X 1CM deep

  • Weight: 31 Grams
  • From Inner Mongolia
  • Clean Black Formation with Calcite Bar
  • Cannot Stand on its own, but putty can be provided if desired.
  • Your Satisfaction and Safe Delivery Are Guaranteed

Ilvaite (ill-VAH-ite) 

Ilvaite was first described in 1811 on the island of Elba and the name ilvaite from the Latin name ilva of the island. Sometimes referred to as yenite. 

Ilvaite Metaphysical Information

In appearance and feel, Ilvaite would compare to an extremely high-quality piece of Black Tourmaline. Almost as if 2 specimens of Tourmaline were to merge - it is very dense, very black and looks as though it made of thousands of perfectly straight, black blades. See below for a way too scientific description of its structure. When held, it feels strong, heavy and almost like a tool or device. Has an air of mystery and importance about it. Almost otherworldly due to its uniqueness in feel compared to other crystals/minerals. 

Ilvaite has special electric and magnetic properties that make it valuable to scientists as well as mineral collectors. There are many scientific studies and papers discussing the Ilvaite; it is of interest to physicists and quantum physicists because it has a unique arrangement of differing Fe(iron) molecules.

Ilvaite occurrences are somewhat rare, or rather our finding them is rare. Ilvaite can form in solid masses but specimens occur as single crystals embedded within other deposits, appearing at the boundary between different types of minerals. Ilvaite crystals are structurally related to Lawsonite and occur with Rhodonite, Sphalerite, and Garnet. Ilvaite also occurs beneath marble or granite, and with quartz, chalcopyrite, calcite - and several others. 

Ilvaite can be thought of as stone that exists in a state of balance and potential. It embodies the infinite cycle and indestructibility of energy. But it also is an example of temporality and the importance of appreciating the moment we are in and the special set of circumstances that lead to this moment. One can image Ilvaite as a stone that unifies and harmonizes but also stands apart. A stone for truth, independence, and stabilization. Ilvaite is also considered a stone for protection, grounding and wisdom.


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