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Malachite on Dolomite, 1lb 3oz


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This is a beautiful Dolomite specimen covered with tiny Malachite crystals. A unique, fascinating specimen for any healing/mineral collection. This is a large crystal that lays flat for display. Very nice contrast between the green and orange hues - It has a lovely sheen in the sunlight and the color in the Malachite is excellent. Dolomite is a wonderful crystal for buffering and balancing, it offers an emotional reset and is highly grounding. Malachite is thought to draw away negativity and is considered a stone of prosperity and vitality.

  • You will receive the exact crystal shown
  • MAL-0025
  • Size: 5.9in X 4.7in X 1.75in
  • Weight: 1lb 3oz
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    More About Dolomite

    Dolomite Properties: Protective, Shielding, Neutralizing, Calming, Centering, Grounding, Contentment, Balance, Detoxification, Fulfillment and Satisfaction

    Dolomite is a unique and important mineral that is widely used for its healing properties, collected by mineral enthusiasts and used in practical applications for shielding from radiation and to maintain a balanced PH in saltwater aquariums.

    A powerful buffer, Dolomite contains such low quantities of radioactive materials, it can insulate against interference from cosmic rays without adding to background radiation levels. Particle physics researchers build particle detectors under layers of Dolomite to enable the detectors to detect the highest possible number of exotic particles. The Dolomite blocks outside radiation and interference.

    Dolomite is the ultimate balancer - just as it buffers water from acidity fluctuations, it also stabilizes the mood and keeps us in a manageable emotional state. It has been called an ‘emotional reset button’ that can lift the spirit out of melancholia or bring us back down to Earth when feeling spacey.

    Dolomite is wonderful to use when working with high energy crystals to prevent us from becoming overstimulated. It also creates a barrier for the psyche, protecting the third eye from both exterior negative energies and our own negative thought patterns.

    Dolomite is also a powerful detoxifier. Dolomite is helpful in industrial settings as it naturally aids in the breakdown and removal of tar impurities. Metaphysically, Dolomite is thought to help us breakdown emotional wounds and remove ‘residue’ from our spirit or aura.


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