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Moldavite, Genuine Moldavite, 3.9 grams

Moldavite, Genuine Moldavite, 3.9 grams

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This is a genuine Moldavite specimen from the Czech Republic. An intact piece with lovely green color. A larger, quality piece for your collection. We have tested this Moldavite and it comes from a trusted source. All Moldavite is a type of Tektite, as it was formed from a meteorite impact 15 million years ago. A powerful addition to any healing crystal collection, Moldavite unites the cosmic energies with the powers of the ancient earth. A crystal for change, manifestation, and a stone that amplifies the effect of other crystals. The use of Moldavite as a spiritual talisman actually dates back to prehistory and artifacts have been found that date back to 25,000 years ago - the earliest known goddess statue, Venus of Willendorf was discovered amidst Moldavite amulets. Read more about Moldavite towards the bottom of this listing. 

The Moldavite comes in a protective, cushioned display box.

You will receive the exact Moldavite crystal shown
Origin: Czech Republic
Size: 24mm x 20mm x 6mm
Weight: 3.9 grams
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals
Includes my Moldavite meaning card.

How do we test our Moldavite?
We perform a specific gravity test on each piece of our Moldavite. This test just involves water and does not damage or alter the Moldavite in any way. Knowing the specific gravity of the Moldavite helps us confirm its authenticity. Moldavite has a specific gravity of 2.32 to 2.38. All of our Moldavite falls in this range.

We know our source
We obtained this Moldavite from a trusted source who we have worked with for many years and has had access to the Moldavite sites for many years.

Please note that genuine Moldavite does NOT come with any certificate. These certificates can simply be purchased or created by anyone and are NOT distributed by an official source. In order to produce a certificate of authenticity and grading, specimens need to be sent INDIVIDUALLY to a specialty licensed gemological laboratory and this would typically cost more than the Moldavite is worth.

I highly suggest reading the complete Robert Simmons "The Book of Stones" entry of Moldavite. Below is a partial passage:

"In modern times, Moldavite has emerged as one of the stones most prized for metaphysical purposes. Its effects vary widely, from mild to almost overwhelming, from physical cleansing to spiritual breakthroughs - yet the common denominator seems to be the revitalization and acceleration of one's path of personal evolution... Most people feel that Moldavite excites their energies and speeds up their vibrations.. However, some individuals find that Moldavite relaxes them. Moldavite's energies can activate any and all of the chakras. Its vibrations tend to focus in areas where one has blockages of 'wounds' ...
Resonance with Moldavite can take many forms - chakras can open; synchronicities can increase in frequency and significance; one's dream life can become dramatically more vivid and meaningful; one can connect with spirit guides; physical, emotionally or spiritual healings can happen; jobs and relationships can change; mediations can become deeper and more powerful - all these can be viewed as symptoms of a shift in one's own energies. This shift is what Moldavite can catalyze. With its high and intense vibrations, it can resonate with one's energy pattern in a way that creates an intensification of one's spiritual vitality and an acceleration of one's progress on the path of one's highest destiny. " Passage from the "Book of Stones Revised Edition" by Robert Simmons.

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