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Mosaic Quartz Tower

Mosaic Quartz

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This is a large Mosaic Quartz tower with wonderful, wild patterns. This tower has a spot of very clear Quartz right at the point. Cut into a six-sided generator tower - this piece will raise the energy of any space while offering a grounding presence.

You will receive the exact tower shown
Size: 7.75in x 3in x 2.25in
Weight: 2lb
Origin: Brazil
Ships within 2 business days.

Mosaic Quartz is a rare stone coming out of a particular region of Brazil. A relatively new discovery, the word “mosaic” refers to the stunning collage of elements within the stone. Mosaic Quartz contains yellow Opal, black Graphite, orange Calcite, Chalcedony and Hematite. Each Mosaic Quartz has its own particular energy, but in general, they all have a rejuvenating and uplifting effect. Quartz and Graphite are both energy amplifiers, giving these towers a strong, almost wild vibe. The generator tower shape is also particularly useful in keeping energy/vibrations high, promoting harmony and well being. Mosaic Quartz is a stone of creativity and making the most of one's resources and time. 


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