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Mosasaurus Tooth Fossil with Shark Tooth


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This is a Mosasaurus Tooth Fossil in matrix. Appears to have a little shark tooth in there too! A wonderful piece of the ancient world right in your hand! This tooth comes from a giant, ancient creature called the Mosasaurus. The Mosasaurs breathed air, were powerful swimmers, and were well-adapted to living in the warm, shallow inland seas prevalent during the Late Cretaceous period. Mosasaurs had a body shape similar to that of modern-day monitor lizards (varanids), but were more elongated and streamlined for swimming

  • You will receive the exact Fossil Shown
  • Origin: Khouribga, Morocco
  • Size: 3.1in X 2.4in X 2.2in
  • Tooth: 1.5in X .9in X .3
  • Weight: 7.6oz
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