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Moss Agate Skull

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This is a unique, large Moss agate skull with pockets of lavender color and a few gems embedded. You will receive the exact skull shown. Expertly hand-carved. Moss Agate embodies mother nature and draws upon the Earth's energies to restore the mind & body. It is a stone of new beginnings and gives us confidence in new environments.

The deep clear energy of Moss Agate assists one in connecting with Earth energy and the devic realm. The stone is grounding in the sense that is assists one in connecting to the Earth, at the same time it stimulates psychic connection with Nature Spirits. It is an excellent stone for use in abundance work, as it promotes the sense of all things bring provided for us within creation. Its energy is supportive to physical health, wealth and spiritual understanding of all aspects of the natural world.

Moss Agate
Stability, Persistence, Grounding, Spirit of Nature, Healing & Renewal

Size: 3.5in x 2.5in x 2in
Weight: 15oz
Ships within 3 business days


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