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Muonionalusta Pendant, Meteorite Pendant

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This is a pendant beautifully crafted with genuine a Muonionalusta meteorite specimen. This Muonionalusta has a wonderful, shining silver color and distinctive etching. It is double-sided with faceted glass to encase and protect the Meteor.  

Muonionalusta meteorite pieces are considered rare and collectible. 

You will receive the exact Pendant shown and an optional chain

Pendant Size: 15mm x 5mm
Set in .925 Sterling Silver
 20 in chain is optional

The Muonionalusta meteorite is the oldest known meteorite dating back over 4.5 billion years.

The Muonionalusta meteorite is a primarily Nickle-Iron-based meteorite with extremely rare trace minerals including a formerly undetected type of Quartz. Rare and strikingly beautiful, The Muonionalusta meteorite displays stunning markings that are a natural occurrence of the pressure of the impact.

Meteorites are sacred gifts from the universe that contain primordial cosmic energy.

Metaphysically, Nickle-iron meteorites are used to awaken Kundalini energies and expand one's consciousness beyond the physical realm. For some, the introduction of a Meteorite is the beginning of a great spiritual journey. The Muonionalusta represents the power and lifeforce of the cosmos itself and connects us to that powerful presence.

The Muonionalusta stimulates the third eye and crown chakras promoting spiritual awakening and inner vision.

"Studies have shown it to be the oldest discovered meteorite impacting the Earth during the Quaternary Period, about one million years ago. It is quite clearly part of the iron core or mantle of a planetoid, which shattered into many pieces upon its fall on our planet. Since landing on Earth the meteorite has experienced four ice ages. It was unearthed from a glacial moraine in the northern tundra." 


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