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Natural Smoky Quartz Sphere

Natural Smoky Quartz Sphere

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A beautiful little Smoky Quartz sphere carved from natural Smoky Quartz Crystal. The perfect little gazing stone for protection, spiritual guidance, and relieving stress. Smoky Quartz Crystal is an essential healing crystal utilized throughout history by many cultures. The ancient Druids and Celts associated Smoky Quartz with the Gods and Goddesses of the Earth and Hectate, goddess of the Occult and the Dark Moon. This stone’s smoky appearance was seen as ghost-like to ancient Gaelic peoples, who came to see Smoky Quartz as a symbol of the afterlife and conduit to the spirit realm.

Smoky Quartz embodies both the depths of night's darkness and the serenity of the moon's guiding light. Smoky Quartz opens the mind and expands our perception of this reality. offers us safe passage when navigating the subconscious, connecting with the spiritual realm or unlocking memories. It can help us rediscover old passions and discover new skills or gifts already within us

Smoky Quartz is a stone of the Root Chakra, offering balance, grounding and the feeling of security. It dissolves fears and whatever inhibits us. 

You will receive one Smoky Quartz sphere like shown. Each is about 1.1-1.2in across. 

This smoky quartz has not been irradiated or heated. 

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