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New Deposit! Huge Stellar Beam Calcite Specimen with Phantom from Sweetwater Mine, King's Crown

New Deposit! Huge Stellar Beam Calcite Specimen with Phantom from Sweetwater Mine, King's Crown

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Stunning find from a new deposit! This is a huge Calcite specimen with a Stellar Beam formation and phantoms within. Amazing textured surface and the size is incredible. This was unearthed in 2023 from a new deposit in the Sweetwater Mine in Missouri. This deposit was named the King's Crown for the huge arrangement of golden points discovered there. A desirable piece from a collectible standpoint and of course Stellar Beam calcite is a favorite for its metaphysical Properties. Also a great price as this is very close to the wholesale price given at the 2023 East Coast Gem and Mineral show. 

Metaphysical properties of Stellar Beam Calcite: Stellar Beam Calcite infuses the aura with a healing golden light. A stone of ascension, Stellar beam calcite is regarded as a powerful tool for elevating one's spiritual practice or gaining knowledge from higher realms. Robert Simons names Stellar beam Calcite as one of the most interdimensional calcites saying "They are very powerful for stimulating the third eye and crown chakras with the higher theric body, making possible an ascension into higher realms of consciousness. They stimulate remembrance of the individual's experiences in the pre-birth state of full immersion in Spirit, and they assist with recollection of past lives." pg. 119 

Stellar Beam Calcite is excellent for Mediation, especially when seeking guidance and manifesting one's spiritual path. It is a stone of the third eye and crown chakras, but also connects the Solar plexus chakra making it an excellent stone for manifestation and bringing our desires into reality. 

You will receive the exact Calcite Shown

Size: 6.5in x 3.5in x 3.5in
Weight: 2.7lbs
Ships within 3 business days
Origin: King's Crown Deposit 2023, Sweetwater Mine in Missouri, USA

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