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Okenite Specimen

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A very cool, unusual specimen. This is a large geode with several Okenite crystals within. Nice large viewing space and it rests nicely for display without a stand. Actually has nice sparkle when the light hits it. The Okenites are what look like little white puff balls. Okenite is a silicate mineral that is usually associated with zeolites. It most commonly is found as small white cotton ball formations within basalt geodes. This piece hails from India. Also a great price for Okenite which can get very expensive.

Metaphysical Info:  Okenite is a stone of karmic grace, clearing karmic cycles & past life healing. It assists in unlocking knowledge of higher realms and dimensions. Okenite provides mental clarity, the understanding of dreams, and is beneficial during deep meditations. Bridging together the physical and spiritual planes it is a great stone for manifestation, growth, vitality, and life force energy. Crown Chakra, Neptune, Sagittarius, Storm Element.

You will receive the exact Okenite shown


Size: 7.75in x 3in x 3.5in 

Weight: 2lb 13oz

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