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Orchid Calcite Stone | Rough Orange Calcite Nugget


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These are raw Orchid Calcite stones with refreshing, frosty orange color and an even nugget shape - the large size is perfect for holding during meditation and the medium size can be carried for confidence or to inspire creativity during projects. A wonderful crystal for the Spring and Summer when we are working on the garden or home improvement projects. Because Orchid Calcite is associated with and often forms with Black Tourmaline, it also is a stone of protection which allows us to feel confident in our decisions and free to express our creativity.

Orchid Calcite has also been called the 'Birthing Stone' and the 'Stone of Dreams' as it is thought to be a powerful tool of Manifestation, the process of making one's dreams a reality.

* This listing is for one predominately orange Orchid Calcite in a medium or large size.

Medium stones are about 1 inch long and 3/4" thick.
Large Stones are over an inch in length, up to 2 inches. I'd say they are about 50% larger than the medium size overall.


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