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Peach Stilbite Crystal with Scolecite, XL


Regular price $120.00

This is a lovely, extra large peach Stilbite blossom with few white Scolecite crystals scattered here and there. A gentle, calming piece. Stilbite has a wonderful, soothing energy. You will receive the exact Stilblite shown.

Size: 6in x 5in x 3in
Weight: 3lb 3oz
Ships within 2 business days

Stilbite, in the metaphysical world, is thought to expand the consciousness and perception of other realms. By facilitating the flow of energy between Heart and Crown Chakras, Stilbite works as a conduit for our physical and spiritual energy. A crystal of love, empathy and openness, it's soft pink color is comforting. Stilbite has a gentle vibration. It is often paired with high vibration crystals. Stilbite is also thought to encourage restorative sleep and pleasant dreams. Overall a very transcendent and captivating crystal.


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