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Phantom Amethyst Point


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This is a gorgeous Amethyst point with defined Phantoms. A large point, this Amethyst has wonderful color and can stand on its own. A 'Phantom' quartz will contain what looks like the shadow of another crystal point growing inside the crystal. Phantoms occur during relatively rapid growth spurts of the crystal. Phantoms within crystals are symbolic of universal awareness and of the cycle of life. They are used to move past old issues and begin anew. Phantoms are also thought to bring about 'breakthroughs' or spiritual revelations. Amethyst in general is a beloved healing crystal most commonly used to open the third eye and crown chakra to the divine and bring a sense of inner peace. It is a crystal for sleep and stress reduction.

You will receive the exact Amethyst point shown
Size: 4.5in x 2.25in x 2in
Weight: 1lb
Origin: Bolivia
Ships within 2 business days
Includes my Amethyst meaning card


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