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Phenomenal 8lb Twin Calcite with Pyrite Crystal Specimen


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This is a phenomenal Calcite Crystal Specimen unlike any other. Weighing nearly 9lbs, this massive crystal is an amazing show of nature's artistic ability. There are endless layers of translucent ivory Calcite discs, some as small as dimes on the interior, this Calcite formed under unique conditions that allowed for such twinning - the pentagon-like shape of each crystal is a result of triple twinning, three Calcites growing outwards from a shared point until they meet, spiraling in this repeated shape. Additionally, there is unbelievable perfection to the path of the Pyrite that divides each Calcite down the middle, forming three lines down each disc. I was unable to find information about why the Pyrite forms in this way, but I imagine it has something to do with the magnetism between the molecules since there is such accuracy to the lines appearing similarly on each Calcite disc... and in the same place. Just overall a crystal-like no other and a wonder to behold.

This incredible specimen would make a unique and beautiful piece for any collection. I can see this being a special piece for a winter wedding or just sitting in the window on a snowy day. Daylight really brings our all the interior layers visible in the crystal.

You will receive the exact Calcite Specimen Shown
  • Specimen: CAL-0073
  • Weight: 8lb 13oz
  • Dimensions: 12.5in x 3.5in X 5.75in
  • Origin: Hunan, China
  • Price Includes Shipping
  • Price Includes INSURANCE for shipping
  • Ships in 2-3 Days from Cape Cod Crystals in Pocasset, MA.

White Calcite embodies the purity and silence of the heavens. Its rare and simple beauty has a profound effect on our awareness and shifts our focus from the self; we are instantly taken away from our earthly concerns and immersed in a state of stillness and awe. White Calcite is thought to act as an amplifier of energies, increasing our ability to visualize and connect with higher realms. When combined with the fiery, metallic energy of Pyrite, we see an incredible balance of the physical and the ethereal, of body and mind. We can think of this mix as a means of bringing our higher purposes and knowledge into reality, moving forward on a path of meaningful fulfillment.


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