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Picture Jasper Stone | Large, Round Tumbled Stones

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These are large, round Picture Jasper stones that have been tumbled and lightly polished. Excellent quality and color contrast, each stone has its own unique markings and patterns. This listing is for 1 large stone like the pictures shown. Each stone measures on average 1" in length and .75" in thickness. Cherry-picked, so each stone is of similar size and quality.

Picture Jasper is a stone commonly used for meditation, in order to tap into the Earth’s ‘consciousness’ and align oneself with the flowing energies of our planet. Suggestions for use range from using it to lay out crystal grids to planning the building or interior design of a home. It is thought that the intricate patterns of Picture Jasper tell the story of Ancient Peoples who relied on the Earth and Sky in all aspects of life, and perhaps still had a natural, instinctual sense of Earth’s energetic fields. Using Picture Jasper, one can practice experiencing the sensation of the Earth’s energy network.


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