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Pietersite Slab

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This is a stunning blue Pietersite slab with wonderful chatoyancy and a little quartz spot that looks like a heart. You will receive the exact slab shown. Naturally occurring Pietersite is a rarity comprised of Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, and Jasper. The all-blue variety is generally considered the most desirable. This beautiful phenomenon of nature was discovered relatively recently and has rapidly gained a reputation for having powerful energy often compared to a brewing storm or lightning. Nicknamed the Tempest Stone, Pietersite is like a cauldron of colors and energies flowing into one another. Metaphysically, Pietersite has been accredited with many spiritual and psychic properties from helping one study/focus to sparking telepathy. Its most recognized for honing the Third Eye, ridding the mind of distractions and illusions so that the physical and spiritual world can appear more clearly in our everyday lives. As a mixture of stones, Pietersite is a symbol or tool for reconciling the physical self with a more universal consciousness. A stone of unity, companionship, brotherhood, and connection.

Size: 4.25in x 2.25in x .125in
Weight: 44 grams
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals


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