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Pink Mangano Calcite | 1LB Raw Pink Calcite | Fluorescent


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Raw Pink Calcite crystals by the pound. Beautiful, natural Pink Calcite stones with perfect soft pink color. Very nice quality. 1 Lb of raw Pink Calcite = about 13-15 stones. Slightly less than 1lb is shown in the picture. 

This Calcite glows pink under a Black Light.

All Calcite formed in the Earth's ancient oceans, giving it a powerful connection to both Water & Earth energies. Mangano Calcite is a stone of universal love and has a gentle, lighthearted vibe. Pink Calcite is thought to assist the flow of energy between the Crown and Heart chakras, purging negative energy allowing old wounds to heal and new love to grow. All Calcite is considered excellent for energy cleansing and amplifying the effect of other crystals.

Stone of the Sea: In the Early Paleozoic period (about 500 million years ago), the majority of oceans were Calcite seas -  or an ocean that consists of low-magnesium calcite. Today, the shells of marine life are still formed from calcite. 

Stone of Invisibility: Calcite has a special molecular structure that causes something called "birefringence" This means that when light passes through, it is reflected in two directions, making a double image. In 2011, Scientists used Calcite to create a 'cloak of invisibility'.


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