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Pink Feldspar with Epidote


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This is a large Pink Feldspar crystal with an awesome geometric shape and gorgeous, pale pink color. This specimen also has a coating of fine, drusy Epidote crystals that make the back and underside a mossy green. A unique find for a raw crystal enthusiast, this lovely pink Feldspar is more commonly known as peach Moonstone and is usually polished. But here we see it in its natural, blocky form.

You will receive the exact feldspar shown
Origin: China
Size: 8in x 7in x 6in
Weight: 6lb 9oz
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals
Includes my Moonstone meaning card

Moonstone is a stone of divine guidance and intuition. Like the moon itself, Moonstone lights our path and reveals both obstacles and opportunities that lay ahead. Where the Moon acts as a mirror, reflecting the sun’s light, Moonstone reflects our own light within. It deepens our understanding of ourselves and our motivations. Moonstone is considered ideal for new beginnings because it both guides us towards our best path and helps inspire us to make our first move with confidence.


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