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Pink Quartz, Pink Lemurian Cluster, Santander Colombia

Rocks & Fossils

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Specimen PLK - Stunning, large rare pink quartz cluster from Santander region, Colombia. A very cool double-sided piece that stands nicely for display. You will receive the exact pink Lemurian shown. Rare and beautiful, Pink Lemurians are a recent discovery hailing from the jungles of Colombia in the Santander region. These precious crystals have pristine energy and delicate color caused by Hematite. Some have compared these to a cross between a traditional Brazilian Lemurian and a Himalayan Quartz. They have incredible luster and sparkle in all sorts of lighting. While these are relatively new stones, they have already gained popularity for crown and heart chakra alignment/synchronicity, bringing our desires into reality and allowing spiritual knowledge to fill the heart and mind. A powerful stone for mediation, purifying and strengthening the aura, and accessing spiritual guidance.

Size: 3.25in x 2.75n x 2in
Weight: 9.1oz
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