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Polyhedral Agate Slice, Paribas, Brazil, Mined Out

Polyhedral Agate Slice, Paribas, Brazil, Mined Out

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Stunning, rare find. This is a large Polyhedral Agate slice from Paribas, Brazil. Polyhedroid Agate was mined from 1974-1981 in Paribas until a dam was built which flooded the mine.  In addition to being hard to get, this particular slice is striking in appearance and is in perfect condition. It has a gorgeous inky black outline that frames the transparent interior and contrasts the white Quartz center. The fine bands of Agate display chatoyancy which is also unusual in general. An exciting find for a collector who wants something both uncommon and has aesthetic appeal.

You will receive the exact Agate shown
SIZE: 14cm x 2.25cm x 4mm
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Polyhedroid Agates are formed through the same processes as other agates, with silica-rich solutions depositing layers of microcrystalline quartz within cavities in host rocks. It is thought that these agates are Psuedomoprhs after Calcite or Barite. 
The Paribas mine specimens are desirable because they are no longer available directly from the mine. No other similar deposits have been found. 

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