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Pyritized Ammonite Fossil, Russia

Pyritized Ammonite Fossil, Russia

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This is a natural Pyritized Ammonite Fossil from the Volga River Basin, Ulyanovsk region of Russia. A natural wonder! This Ammonite Fossil has undergone Pyritization, which is when during fossilization, Pyrite replaces each organic cell in the Ammonite until it is solid Pyrite. One of the most collectible Ammonites, these are fairly rare. 

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Size: 2in x 1.5in 

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These mysterious little creatures went extinct as a result of the k-pg extinction event the marked the end of the Cretaceous period. No direct relatives of the Ammonite exist today, so little is known about their way of life. This makes their fossils all the more interesting to scientists.  Interestingly, Ammonites are more closely related to squids than they are to the shelled sea dwellers that live today. 

These fossils fascinated our ancient ancestors. In 79 AD, near Pompeii, Pliny the Elder called these fossils ammonis cornua meaning "horns of Ammon”. Ammon was an Egyptian god, depicted as wearing ram’s horns.

Ammonite Metaphysical Properties

Ammonite fossils are deeply connected to the ancient and eternal.

Over the eons, Ammonite shells have absorbed the energies of the cosmic and can infuse the body with this life force. Their spiral shape is a sign of the interconnectedness of all things and the divine or supreme plan of all life. Imbued with Earth Energy, these fossils help us connect with nature's healing power and grounds us, helping us sense our connection with all living things throughout time. It is thought to hold Ammonite shells while meditating can connect us to the knowledge of our ancient ancestors or from within our own past lives. 

Ammonite is beneficial to those who build or design. It is an excellent companion for construction workers, contractors, architects or even graphic designers or interior decorators. 

Ammonite benefits the root chakra, and stimulates the third eye. 

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