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Pyromorphite Specimen


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This is an awesome green Pyromorphite crystal specimen featuring a coating of lime green Pyromorphite. I love the shape of this piece. It reminds me of a mossy stone. Pyromorphite is in the Apatite family and forms a series with Mimeite and Vanadinite. Pyromorphite crystallizes in the form of masses, fibers, botryoidal, tabular crystals, and hexagonal prisms. The colors can range from white to yellow to a vibrant green.

Metaphysically, Pyromorphite is a stone of achievement and clearing negative energies. It unifies the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, increasing willpower and promoting optimism. It is an uplifting "can-do" stone for moving onwards and upwards. The vibrant greens of Pyromorphite are particularly good for new beginnings and the discovery of new opportunities.

You will receive the exact Pyromorphite shown
Size: 4in x 4in x .3in
Weight: 5.2oz
Origin: China
Ships within 2 business days


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