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Quartz with Prehnite and Babingtonite

Rocks & Fossils

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This is an awesome, large crystal consisting of a Quartz with light green Prehnite and a sprinkling of nearly black Babingtonite crystals. This specimen has a 'wave' of quartz flowing over the top and sparkling Babingtonite and Prehnite along the edges with streaks of emerald green Babingtonite on the bottom. Prehnite is a lovely stone for spring - it helps us connect to the spirit of nature and is a stone of renewal, prophecy and truth. Babingtonite is a more rare mineral. Babingtonite is a calcium iron manganese inosilicate mineral occurring in volcanic rocks. It forms prismatic, sometimes drusy blackish-green crystals. Babingtonite has a slight magnetic charge and is the state mineral of Massachusetts. Metaphysically, Babingtonite is the stone of Ascension, helping us transcend our physical or worldly concerns to connect with our spiritual selves. It also aids in communication and helps us articulate our thoughts.

You will receive the exact specimen shown
Origin: Qiaojia Co., Zhaotong, Yunnan, China
Size: 6in x 4in x 3.1in
Weight: 2lb 8oz
Ships within 2 business days
Includes my Prehnite meaning card


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