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Rainbow Bismuth Crystal, Small


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This listing is for one small rainbow Bismuth crystal. Each Bismuth has beautiful rainbow coloring and a wild, geometric pattern. These look beautiful in the windowsill and add color to crystal grids or layouts. They also make awesome little gifts - kids in the shop love our Bismuth!

Bismuth is a fun, fascinating crystal that offers uplifting energy and otherworldly charm. Bismuth crystals are an oddity in the natural world, being the most diamagnetic metal - this means it is repelled by a magnetic. Rainbow Bismuth is a stone thought to help one acclimate to new environments and feel surrounded by support. It encourages more outgoing behavior and to draw positivity into one's life through others.

You will receive one Bismuth from the lot shown
Origin: Germany
Size Range: 1.1in -1.5 Length X 0.75in-0.9in width X 0.5in-0.75in Height
Ships within 2 business days from Cape Cod Crystals

** Is this Bismuth Natural? No. While Bismuth does occur in nature, it does not occur like this! These crystals are created with Bismuth that is put in a controlled environment to produce an exceptional specimen. In nature, Bismuth is not colorful and only rarely produces this crystal structure.


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