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Rainforest Jasper Stone, Rainforest Rhyolite

Rocks & Fossils

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This listing is for one of the beautiful Rainforest Jasper tumbled stones shown. Also known as Rainforest Rhyolite, these stones are a blend of earthy greens, burnt orange and have areas of transparency. As a healing stone, Rainforest Rhyolite helps us face our fears, resist procrastination, and hone in on our current focus. It is thought to boost energy and mental agility. Rainforest Rhyolite is a stone of Earth Energy and connects us to the current of energy flowing through the Nature that surrounds us.

It is thought that Rainforest Jasper increases our kinship and nonverbal communication with animals. A wonderful stone for Vets, new pet owners, or those who work with animals.

* Size: Stones vary, about 1in long X .5in wide
* Ships within 1 business day from Cape Cod Crystals
* Note Rainforest Jasper may have openings in the stone, this is normal for Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Rhyolite is a balancing stone. It has the stabilizing energy of an Earth energy stone but is not as intensely grounding as some stones like Red Jasper. It allows for future planning while not letting us get lost in our dream of what the future will be. It doesn’t constrain, but gives the mind new pathways to follow without getting lost - we can always find our way back to the present moment, returning with new appreciation and focus.

The green color of this Rhyolite connects to the Heart Chakra, healing old wounds and letting new love flourish. Green brings freshness, new ideas and energizes.

Because of Rhyolites' relatively quick formation process, natural nooks, tiny holes, and glassy spots are common in these stones. They are not defects, but rather evidence of rather amazing phenomena - Rhyolites are formed when lava explodes from the earth and cools and hardens in the air and then solidifies completely once on the ground. This type of stone is known as “Extrusive” Rhyolites erupt from the Earth's surface at temperatures of 1382 to 1562 degrees Fahrenheit. The crystals are formed depending on the speed of the lava as well as the cooling period when it reaches the surface.



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