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Rare Dumortierite in Quartz Pendant

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A rare and beautiful find, this is a lovely Cumoriterite in Quartz specimen set in Sterling silver with an optional 20-inch sterling silver chain. Dumortierite is the blue mineral growing inside this perfectly clear quartz stone. The crystal hails from the Vaca Morte Mine of Bahia, Brazil. Mineral collectors and crystal enthusiasts alike can appreciate the rare and unusual beauty of Dumortierite sprays. Specimens with well-defined needles and sky blue color are considered more desirable for this type of mineral. The clarity of the Quartz of course also helps show off the wonders inside. Metaphysically, Dumoritiers is a beloved stone of inspiration, inner peace, mental focus and divine connection. It stimulates the mind and at the same time calms and restores peace. Dumortierite is called the "Stone of Patience" for its ability to create stillness and ease emotional turbulence. It is also credited with heightened intellectual abilities and is a common stone for students.

You will receive the exact pendant shown
Photographed with a macro lens to show detail
Pendant size: 20mm x 13mm x 10mm

Ships within 3 business days


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